Staff Directory

Early Childhood Directory

Staff Member Department Email Address
Adams, Charlotte Secretary
Alston, Denika Assistant Principal
Bungard, Lindsey 3-year-old Teacher
Chapman, Amanda Pre-K Teacher
Freeman, Angel Kindergarten Teacher
Gale, Beverly 3-year-old Teacher
Garrity, Katie 3's Teacher Assistant
Gordon, Tammy Librarian
Hardin, Jackie Pre-K Teacher
Kettelhut, Lori 3's Teacher Assistant
Matheney, Jalyn 3's Teacher Assitant
Matheney, Kyle Music Teacher
Meekins, Bethany Principal
Moore, Jason PE Teacher
Mullis, Alicia Kindergarten Teacher
Patterson, Kimberly Kindergarten Teacher
Patton, Maureen 3-year-old Teacher
Peach, Vicki Pre-K Teacher
Pettit, Micki Early Childhood Assistant
Simmons, Annette Kindergarten Teacher
Trakas, Emily Pre-K Teacher
Tugwell, Sara Registered Nurse



Staff Member Department Email Address
Burns, Katie First Grade
Byarlay, Kathy Fourth Grade
Chew, Karen Fourth Grade
Cleveland, Melinda Fifth Grade
Eshaghi, Andrea Computer (3rd-5th)
Gordon, Tammy Library
Grubbs, Lisa Third Grade
Gunter, Bethany Fifth grade
Haggard, Hannah First Grade
Hawxwell, Amy Third Grade
Herman, Jennifer Fifth Grade
Hines, Kailee Fourth Grade
Huffstetler, Benita Third Grade
Jones, Joan Art (3rd - 5th)
Kelly, Lindsey Second Grade
Lambert, Holly Art (1st and 2nd)
Long, Kristen Fifth Grade
Lovelace, Brandon Computer (1st - 2nd)
Matheney, Kyle Music Teacher
McKinney, Abbey Third Grade
Meekins, Bethany Principal
Miller, Lyndsey First Grade
Moore, Jason Physical Ed.
Nance, Nikkie Fourth Grade
Prescott, Jessie First Grade
Proctor, Ashley Second Grade
Renfroe, Jayda Second Grade
Stacy, Teri Secretary
Thornburg, Pam Second Grade
Tugwell, Sara Nurse


MIDDLE SCHOOL Staff Directory

Staff Member Department Email Address
Bachman, Summer Guidance Counselor
Brack, Heidi Director of Fine Arts, Theatre Arts
Brandon, Melissa Technology Support
Collins, Ricky Band/Music Theory/Percussion 7 & 8
Cook, Dr. Tina Director of Cognitive Enrichment
Currence, Kay After School Care Director
Denham, Julie NC & US History 8/Bible 7/Humanities Chair
Erwin, Randy Director of Communications
Frady, Amber English Language Arts 6 & 7
Grahl, Patricia Integrated Science 6/Earth Science 8/ STEAM Chair
Hawxwell, Tom Athletic Director
Huitt, Dr. Jonathan Principal
Johnson, Charity New Word History & Geography 6/Word History 7
Lambert, Holly Art 6, 7, 8
Leonard, Abby Registered Nurse
Lester, Patrick MS Physical Education/Dir. of Diversity & Inclusion
Loeffler, Olivia MS Physical Education
Lynn, Stephanie Bible 6/HS Spanish I (8)
Matheney, Kyle Concert Chorus/Music 6, 7, 8
Moore, Jason MS Physical Education
Parker, Karen Secretary
Peckman, Joel HS Algebra I (8)/Bible 8
Piercy, Dr. Ed Math 6, Computer Science 7 & 8
Rabb, Pattiann English Language Arts 8/Grammar/Writing 6, 7, 8/Dean of Students
Robinson, Mike Security
Robinson, Riley Life Science 7/Pre-Algebra 7
Robinson, Trina Computer Science 6/MS Finance 6, 7, 8
Tugwell, Sara Registered Nurse
Uecker, Caron Registered Nurse
Uecker, Dr. Joel Associate Head of School/Academic Dean
Van Pelt, Leigh Athletics

High School Staff Directory


Name Subject Email
Abromaitis, Becky Yearbook, Art
Brack, Heidi Director of Fine Arts, Theatre Arts
Brandon, Melissa Technology Support
Brooks, Karen International Students
Collins, Ricky Band, Praise Team
Connell, Ken Social Studies
Erwin, Randy Director of Communications
Grahl, Joshua Science
Hartley, Ashley Bible/Communications
Hartley, Kevin Math
Hawxwell, Tom Athletic Director
Huelsman, Dr. Shirley Academic Dean, English
Huitt, Justin Health/PE
Lands, Karen English
Loeffler, Olivia Health/PE
Lovelace, Brandon Video & Visual Design
Lynn, Adam High School Principal, Math
Matheney, Kyle Choral
Moore, Mark Bible, Spanish
Northey, Harrison Chaplain, Bible
Oates, Justin English
Overton, Jill Art
Pratt, Christa High School Assistant Principal
Ramsey, Susan Math
Roach, Amanda Science
Robinson, Mike Security
SanMillan, Bethsy Spanish
Schofield, Les Theatre Arts
Smith, Barbara Administrative Assistant
Tankersley, Rev. Mark Bible
Turpin, Chelsea School Counselor
Uecker, Dr. Joel Associate Head of School
vanPelt, Leigh Athletics



GCS uses electronic means of communication, we wanted to inform you of the GCS policy regarding inclement weather closings/delays.

Parents will receive notification by GCS App notification, email, posted on the GCS website, and social media (Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram). This information will be available as soon as a decision is made regarding the closures/delays. Local TV stations will be informed after all direct communication has been sent.

To keep you informed of a school closing/delay, please download the GCS App for important notifications.

Gaston Christian School APP

GCS has a dedicated Gaston Christian School app for Apple and Google smartphones. We are trying to use this as an all-in-one place for communications with calendars, notifications, and alerts.

Here’s a link to download

Below is a video walkthrough of the app and how it works:

App Walkthrough

  • If you own a business and would like to sponsor our app
  • Sponsor level (Gold, Silver, Bronze)
  • A transparent logo to be used for the sponsor icon (needs to be an original PSD and/or AI file or an image with dimensions of at least 1000×1000)
  • An image to be used for the sponsor listing (needs to be an original PSD and/or AI file or an image with dimensions of at least 1600×900)
  • Copy and links to be used for their sponsor listing (include organization name, approx. 100-word bio, any links to include in their listing)

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Middle School Office:
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High School Office:
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Business Office:
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FAX (704) 349-5027

Admissions Office:
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FAX (704) 349-5027

Gaston Christian School
1625 Lowell Bethesda Rd. Gastonia, N.C.  28056

Gaston Christina School is the best private Christian school in Gaston County, North Carolina. We are also the best private Christian school in the following North Carolina counties: Mecklenburg County, Lincoln County, Cleveland County and York County. In addition to these counties, we are also the best private Christian school for Gastonia, Belmont, Cramerton, Lowell, Lincolnton, Bessemer City, Charlotte, Mt. Holly and the surrounding areas. If you want a premier private Christian education with top-tier instruction, athletics and extracurricular activities, Gaston Christian School is the best private Christian school in Gastonia, NC for you!

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