Grades 6-8 are formative years. During this unique season of life, pre-teens need a strong community, positive mentors, and a variety of new challenges and opportunities. At Gaston Christian School, we partner with parents to educate their children and foster a biblical worldview. When it comes time for your child to move onto high school, they will have a strong academic foundation and an identity rooted in Christ. 


At GCS, your child will:


  • Be taught by fun-loving teachers who are passionate about connecting with middle school students on their level
  • Move through an academically rigorous curriculum that is filled with innovative projects and hands-on learning experiences
  • Develop strong character and be disciplined in a way that does not focus on punishment, but rather on seeking restoration and teaching lifelong lessons
  • Grow spiritually through regular opportunities to worship, study the Bible, and be mentored by Christian role models


As a middle school parent, you can expect:


  • Individual Attention — At GCS your child will be known, and his or her teachers are always available to discuss their academic, social, or spiritual progress.
  • Values Alignment — We teach and emphasize Christian character daily, so you can rest assured that what you are teaching at home is being modeled at school.
  • Strong Community — Whether in the classroom, on the athletic field, or in performing arts, parents are invited and encouraged to be involved in their child’s school life.
  • Growing Independence — Students move through an eight-period school day, choose their own electives, and try many new activities, which builds confidence and independence. 


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Words from a Middle School Student


 “When I’m asked what my favorite grade was at GCS, I always say my middle school years. This is where I grew most — not only academically, but spiritually and emotionally as well. I have no doubt in my mind that it was because of the middle school teachers who poured into me on a daily basis. I will forever be thankful for the GCS middle school team and everything they did for me.” 

– Lauren F. 


Reasons Other Parents are Choosing GCS for Middle School:


Enriching Student Life — Class field trips, spirit week, academic competitions, and community events create meaningful opportunities for students to connect and grow in their skills together. Favorites include our annual retreat to Crowder Ridge and seasonal service projects such as the Souper Bowl of Caring and Operation Christmas Child.

Leadership Opportunities — Whether in student government, the Junior Beta Club, STEM, Young Entrepreneurs, or athletics, students develop leadership skills to benefit them for life. 

A Safe Community — Our campus is highly secure, and we work tirelessly to ensure every student feels socially, emotionally, and spiritually safe as well. 


What questions do you have?

Our admissions director would love to answer them and tell you more about the middle school program at Gaston Christian. Contact Lindsay Lockett at (704) 824-4128 today or click here to plan your visit.

Head of Upper School

Dr. Jonathan Huitt

Dr. Huitt will be serving as Gaston Christian’s new Upper School Head (6th-12th). In this capacity, Dr. Huitt will oversee all operations, strategy, and programs in grades 6-12. He will be especially focusing on community relationships and strategic initiatives. He will remain an intimate part of the lives of our middle school students and teachers and we look forward to his new impact on our high school.

Middle School Director 

Mrs. Pattiann Rabb

Mrs. Pattiann Rabb is Gaston Christian’s new Middle School Director (6th-8th). Mrs. Rabb is leaving the classroom and taking upon increased leadership responsibilities in the daily operation of the middle school, as well as the supervision, evaluation, mentorship, and coaching of a portion of the faculty. She has an intimate knowledge of our middle school and a great working relationship with Dr. Huitt and we are excited about this next season for our middle school.

MIDDLE SCHOOL Staff Directory
Staff Member Department Email Address
Alves, Matthew English malves@gastonchristian.org
Bachman, Summer Guidance Counselor sbachman@gastonchristian.org
Blackledge, Rachel 7th English Language Arts & Honors 8th English Language Arts rblackledge@gastonchristian.org
Brack, Heidi Director of Fine Arts, Theatre Arts hbrack@gastonchristian.org
Brandon, Melissa Director of Technology mbrandon@gastonchristian.org
Collins, Ricky Director of Community Engagement, Percussion 7, 8, and Band Instructor rcollins@gastonchristian.org
Connell, Ken HS Honors Cultural Geography (8) kconnell@gastonchristian.org
Cook, Dr. Tina Director of Cognitive Enrichment tcook@gastonchristian.org
Currence, Kay After School Care Director kcurrence@gastonchristian.org
Denham, Julie Director of Women’s Ministry /Girls Bible 7 & 8/College Prep HS Cultural Geography /Humanities Chair jdenham@gastonchristian.org
Erwin, Randy Director of Communications rerwin@gastonchristian.org
Grahl, Patricia Integrated Science 6/Earth Science 8 College Prep/STEAM Chair pgrahl@gastonchristian.org
Griffin, Katie Cognitive Enrichment Specialist kgriffin@ gastonchristian.org
Hawxwell, Tom Athletic Director thawxwell@gastonchristian.org
Huitt, Dr. Jonathan Upper School Head jchuitt@gastonchristian.org
Johnson, Charity American History I (6th) & American History II (7th) cjohnson@gastonchristian.org
Leonard, Abby Registered Nurse aleonard@gastonchristian.org
Lowery, Devon Assistant Athletic Director / Varsity Baseball /MS PE dlowery@gastonchristian.org
Lynn, Adam HS Honors & College Prep Algebra I & Prealgebra / Advanced Prealgebra alynn@gastonchristian.org
Lynn, Stephanie Bible 6/HS Spanish I (8) slynn@gastonchristian.org
Matheney, Kyle Concert Chorus/Music 6, 7, 8/MS PE kmatheney@gastonchristian.org
McCabe, Dean Health/P.E. dmccabe@gastonchristian.org
Moore, Jason MS Physical Education Director / Track and CC Coach jmoore@gastonchristian.org
Morris, Caitlin STEM teacher / 6th grade Civics and Economics cmorris@gastonchristian.org
Overton, Jill MS Art joverton@gastonchristian.org
Parker, Karen MS Assistant kparker@gastonchristian.org
Patton, Whitney 6th Grade Math / 7th Grade Math wpatton@gastonchristian.org
Rabb, Pattiann Middle School Director prabb@gastonchristian.org
Robinson, Mike Director of Safety & Security mrobinson@gastonchristian.org
Robinson, Parker Boys Bible 6, 7, & 8 probinson@gastonchristian.org
Robinson, Riley Life Science 7/ Honors Earth Science 8 rrobinson@gastonchristian.org
Robinson, Trina Computer Science 6/MS Finance 6, 7, 8 trobinson@gastonchristian.org
Rushing, Tameron Registered Nurse trushing@gastonchristian.org
Tugwell, Sara Registered Nurse stugwell@gastonchristian.org
Uecker, Dr. Joel Associate Head of School/Academic Dean juecker@gastonchristian.org
Van Pelt, Leigh Athletics Assistant lvanpelt@gastonchristian.org


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