POSITION: East Cleveland Campus Operation and Grounds Maintenance Associate






  • Responsible for building maintenance:
  1. Lead all buildings, concession stands and sheds
  2. Support athletic facilities and general grounds
  3. Complete building maintenance support on:
  • HVAC systems
  • Lighting
  • Plumbing systems
  • Electrical systems
  • Painting
  • General building maintenance


  • Facility setup support:
  1. Review white board for all facility needs
  2. Setup area requested; with screen, chairs, platforms, tarps and risers
  3. Tear down and store equipment in a timely fashion
  4. Communicate with Director with any conflicts 


  • Vehicle maintenance and upkeep:
  1. Support the Operations team in vehicle maintenance and repair
  2. Maintain the spreadsheet for all upcoming inspections/routine maintenance
  3. Inform Ops Director of any major issues or repair needs



  • Campus grounds support as needed:
    1. Support the Facilities team in grounds and field upkeep as needed
    2. Daily morning detailing each buildings front, sidewalks and campus trash pickup
    3. Maintaining all grounds equipment and vehicles
      • Establish and maintain equipment maintenance schedule
    4. Insecticide


  • Athletic fields and Courts as needed:
    1. Support with fields/courts seasonally, including off season 
      • Detailing
      • Edging
      • Blowing


  • General upkeep and preparation for home games, as needed:
    1. Help with grooming, setup and lining fields
    2. Scoreboards and field lighting
    3. Irrigation and equipment


Expectations as related to GCS facilities as needed and assigned by the Head of School:


  1. Be a man of character with a lifestyle that exhibits a personal relationship with Jesus Christ
  2. Do the right things when nobody is looking, own your actions
  3. Physically able to perform the functions of this position
  4. Able and willing to work overtime as needed
  5. Ability to work independently with minimal supervision
  6. Flexibility to coordinate multiple tasks with multiple deadlines
  7. Ability to take initiative, not waiting to be told what, how and when to complete a non-assigned task
  8. Not wasting time by excessive communication or unnecessary time spent in the office 
  9. Approachable and open to suggestions 
  10. Professional demeanor
    • No inappropriate language or off color discussion / jokes
    • All concerns must follow chain of command, taken to Director before discussing with anyone other than Director
    • No discussion of pay, performance evaluation or disciplinary actions
  11. Personal agreement with Gaston Christian School Statement of Faith and personnel handbook
Job Category: Staff
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Gastonia

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