Video Production Trip to WBTV

On Tuesday, September 18th, students enrolled in video production, an elective course focused in the field of technology, visited WBTV, one of Charlotte’s major television broadcasting stations. Students were given a tour demonstrating how day to day production works at the news station. The tour exhibited the following areas of the facilities: the master control room where all of the video transitions are created for live tv, the production room where producers collect content for broadcast, the live studios where the anchors/talent broadcast from, the weather station area, and all of their syndicated radio stations. Students were also given the opportunity to try out the WBTV green screen and show off their meteorology skills by giving a weather report. A few of the directors at WBTV spoke to the students about their responsibilities and how students who are interested in the broadcasting field can take on an internship role at WBTV. On top of all that, students made it on Facebook Live during a popular show called The Morning Break.

WBTV Live during Morning Break video below – look at 16:19 and 23:00 on the video. #goeagles