Summit Ministries Conference in Manitou Springs, CO

On Sunday, June 17, 7 high school students boarded an airplane en route to Manitou Springs, Colorado  where they would spend the next 12 days learning how “to champion a biblical worldview and to strengthen their faith in this post-Christian culture.”  Some of the students have shared what attending the Summit Ministries Conference has meant to them.

Adriana Tharp (12th grade): “I cannot say enough great things about my experience at Summit this past summer.  I arrived in CO without any expectations as to what I was about to experience in my time at Summit. Over the course of my two weeks there, I was mentally challenged through the words spoken in each lecture, physically challenged through the hikes and activities in which we participated, and emotionally blessed by the incredible people I   to meet from all over the world. Summit likes to sum up the two weeks by comparing the information to a burst from a fire hydrant. To say this would be an understatement, but I would not trade my Summit experience for anything. I will remember the trip for the rest of my life, and I hope to be on Summit staff during the summer of 2020.”

Bethany Tugwell (12th grade):  “Summit Ministries is an incredible organization that prepares young people to defend their faith in many aspects of life.  Although I knew I was a Christian before I went, Summit showed me how to minister to others and demonstrate the love of Christ.  The amazing people I met and the memories I made in Colorado will always hold a special place in my heart.”

Will Farris (12th grade):  “Before I went to Summit, I thought it would just be like a long Windy Gap experience; however, it was very different.  The conference really helped me to understand more about different worldviews and how to respond to different situations.  During my time in CO, I made plenty of friends and continue to communicate with them. I love Summit and how it changed me for the better.   Summit didn’t only change my story; it changed my understanding and view of the world. I would highly recommend the Summit Ministries Conference.”

Elsa Traywick (11th grade):  “kk I grew up within the Church and a Christian school my whole life and accepted Jesus into my life in first grade.  I could tell you every Bible story with great detail, and I memorized Bible verses exceptionally well; for many years I believed that being factually intellectual and knowing every story in the Bible made you a Christian.  My first Windy Gap trip with GCS taught me that there is so much more to being in your faith than just memorization and the knowledge that Jesus is real and alive. After my 10th grade Windy Gap trip, I knew God was calling me to experience something life changing with Him.  When the Summit Ministries Conference was first brought up in a chapel, I absolutely knew I was being called to apply (though I was very anxious because none of my good friends were able to apply because of conflicting schedules). That almost turned me away from Summit. However, my mother pushed me towards the conference no matter how uncomfortable I was.  Fast forwarding to the airport, we are about to leave for our first flight, and I had already felt a connection with the other GCS students leaving for Colorado. Although the first 3 days at Summit were challenging (getting accustomed to everything), by the end of the conference, you never want to leave. At Summit you hear the phrase “drinking from a fire hydrant” more often than not, but that is how it is.  You learn so much within these two weeks that it is difficult trying to explain to your friends and family back home what you learned; you feel like you have been taught more information than you can retain. Jesus was already in my life before Summit but not nearly as much as He is right now. I have never felt so overwhelmed every day with the love of Him. Leaving Summit I have made long-lasting friendships and memories, and I thank God every day for them.”

Parker Riley (11th grade):  “My Summit experience was amazing.  I loved making new lifetime friends and enjoyed hearing lectures that alter the way you think and allow yourself to have a new perspective on life.”

Molly Egeln (11th grade):  “I learned so much about different worldviews. It inspired me to always be kind to those that have different views than I have. “