The Big Ceramics Store, offering the $3,000 grant, extended their deadline for more schools to enter the competition and get votes, We were winning this time last week, but because they extended the deadline, another school has “come from behind” and is winning by 200+ votes, which they were able to gain in a very short time.

We currently have 403 votes. So, we are asking for one last push to try and get more votes and give the other school a run for the money!!
The contest now ends May 31, 2017.

Please encourage everyone to vote from different devices, home computer, phone, etc. One person can vote more than one time, on a different devices. PLEASE Share on your social media, too!

Thanks for your help and for any consideration!
If you have not heard, the GCS art department is competing to win a $3,000 grant from The Big Ceramics Store.

We desperately need your vote and SHARE for our video to win! Please share the link when you vote on your social media and with your family and friends. The video features the work of some of our GCS fifth-grade students and their artwork.


1) Click this link

2) Cast a vote for the Gaston Christian video -the screen will darken, scroll to the top and then look for a pop-up box to click which verifies the vote is not a robot. Next, enter the voter email address in the video voter box area and submit at the bottom of the page.

3) VERY IMPORTANT: voters then must confirm their vote via of an email link sent to them by Wishpond.

4) Watching and sharing the video will also help us win.

The voting process should only take 5-6 minutes. Every vote, view, and share will help us win the grant.

Again, please share the link on your social media.

The  DEADLINE to vote was extended to May 31, 2017.