We need your assistance as we begin to collect pictures for this special memoir. Each senior should submit two individual pictures (#1 from early childhood and #2 your choosing—often one to denote a special event or activity). Only the senior (and family members if a group shot) should be pictured in these photos. Keep in mind that we will also be using your individual senior yearbook picture in the video, therefore do not submit that one. Digital photos or a scanned image from original photos may be submitted on a CD or online as a .jpg file to kpursley@gastonchristian.org. When submitting a digital photo, the photo file should be named with your last name, first name, 01 for the first picture and 02 for the second picture. (Example: “SmithJohn01” for the childhood picture). Please submit any printed photos to Mrs. Pursley or the high school office with the same labeling on the back of each photo and placed in an envelope labeled with your student’s name so there will be no confusion in returning them.