Following an abbreviated class schedule and pizza lunch, middle school students and staff gathered in the gym on the afternoon of Friday, September 28, for their Spiritual Emphasis Day.  We began our afternoon with our Teacher Trivia Contest.  “Who once caught their hair on fire while twirling fire batons?”  “Who rides a unicycle and even went to unicycle camp as a kid?” Following these important questions, students were led in a time of praise and worship by Miss Freeman and Mr. Gunter.   Our speaker for the afternoon was Rev. Kevin Loveland, Mrs. Parker’s son-in-law.  Using 1 John 4:11 and John 3:16, we were challenged to think about this statement, “To firmly anchor your experiencing God and knowing His will, you must be absolutely convinced of His love for you.” Students then divided into break-out groups led by middle school staff and discussed points shared by Rev. Loveland.  A question and answer time followed with many students sharing comments from their break-out groups.  How thankful we are that we can “come apart” for an afternoon and focus on life lessons from God’s word.

Middle School Spiritual Emphasis Day 9.28.18