Looking for a host family for Favour

Jul 22, 2021

Dear GCS faculty and families,

As you know, GCS is committed to helping students mature spiritually and excel academically to help them impact the kingdom of God by living productive Christian lives. This statement proves true for students across the globe. In the coming year, GCS has the opportunity to partner with a Nigerian non-denominational Christian educational nonprofit called Access to Success (A2S). The mission of A2S is to provide sustainable programs that generate positive change for Nigerian children and their communities. A2S believes that the number one way to break the cycle of poverty is through education, and they work to provide resources for students to receive formal education in Nigeria and the United States. 

Gaston Christian School is thrilled about this unique opportunity to work with A2S to bring a young scholar named Favour into our GCS family. The school has graciously agreed to find mission-minded donors to help Favour and her family with tuition, school fees, and supplies. As you can imagine, these are huge barriers for many Nigerian families. This opportunity will not only change the life of Favour and her family but her entire community in Nigeria. This is an incredible opportunity for GCS to join the mission of God and to put into practice our mission to, “prepare people, teach truth, and glorify God.”  Favour’s presence at GCS will not only empower her dreams, but will also allow our broader student community the opportunity to further share the benefits of student exchange within the context of global mission. 

While Nigeria is the country with the most people living in extreme poverty, Favour chooses to find strength in overcoming the daily challenges she faces in her home country. While her mother is without work, her father picks up jobs as a handyman to make ends meet. As the youngest in her family, Favour gains motivation by improving her academics and excelling in athletics. She hopes that by working hard at both, she might give back to children like herself who have to overcome so many obstacles. We feel that her background and determination make her the perfect fit to join our GCS family. 

Here are a few other facts about Favour:

  • Favour is 6.5 ft tall and loves to play basketball. She is a part of a team in Nigeria, called Discover Academy, that sometimes travels to other regions for tournaments and competitions. She and her family come from the Igbo tribe in Nigeria.
  • Favour loves to cook, and her favorite dish is called egusi soup (egg-oo-see) and pounded yam.
  • Favour is excited about having a host family. She is eager to experience another family’s love, guidance, and assistance during her transition. She is also excited about the good facilities and Christian education that GCS will provide.
  • Her dream is to be in the WNBA and be able to give back to the Discover Academy where she first started playing ball. 
  • She would like to study finance and accounting. 

Here is where we need your help. As you know, international students that attend GCS need to live with an American host family. The same is true for Favour. Since Favour and her family are unable to afford the typical homestay fees, we need to find a mission-minded family who is willing to take Favour into their home for the school year and provide her with a loving and nurturing environment without reimbursement of any costs. We understand that this isn’t a simple request, but we are trusting that the Lord will provide the perfect host family for Favour among our school community.

As a community and family, we ask that you join us in investing in the life of Favour. We ask that you please begin praying for Favour and her family. As you can imagine, this will be quite an adjustment for them. Please pray for the staff and faculty who will be supporting Favour through her academic journey at GCS.  And finally, please begin praying that we find a family who is willing to open their home and their hearts to Favour and join us in this ministry. We are grateful for the opportunity to continue to grow our GCS family beyond our borders, and we are hopeful to see another life changed for the glory of God, our Father. 

If you or someone you know is interested in hosting Favour, please contact Amanda Knight at aknight@gastonchristian.org or at 704.860.1882.



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