Position: Elementary Teacher

Location: Gaston Christian School

Reports To: Designated Principal and Associate Head of School, respectively

Status: Exempt, Paid monthly



A teacher must have a Bachelor’s degree and appropriate teaching experience.  A preferred degree is in education.




  1. To seek to demonstrate in speech, actions, and attitude a consistent walk with Jesus Christ as outlined in the GCS Statement of Faith.
  2. To be available always to be used by the Holy Spirit for the spiritual encouragement of students or fellow teachers.
  3. To share the faith with students.
  4. To read and study the Bible on a personal basis throughout the year.
  5. To be on time for and attend faculty devotions and chapels as scheduled.
  6. To be faithfully involved in a local church.



  1. To teach assigned classes.
  2. To be informed and aware of the academic, spiritual and social development of each of the students.
  3. To employ those instructional aids, methods, and material that will provide for creative teaching. 
  4. To ensure that adequate preparations have been made to accomplish the objectives for each class.
  5. To plan broadly through the use of semester plans and objectives and more currently through the use of the daily lesson plans. 
  6. To maintain adequate records of attendance and grades to meet administration requirements and in order for teachers to have personal knowledge of student’s progress.
  7. To make homework assignments for drill, review, enrichment, or project work with adequate advance notice of due date in order that students learn personal responsibility, experience the benefits of self-directed self-study, and have sufficient time to handle the work at their grade level.
  8. To attend and participate in scheduled departmental meetings and general faculty meetings.  
  9. To request instructional aids and materials for classroom use.
  10. To integrate Biblical principles throughout the instructional program.
  11. To organize as pre-approved by the principal:
  •   Class field trips
  •   Guest lecturers
  1. To keep records of textbooks assigned to students.
  2. To keep proper discipline in the classroom for a good teaching environment. 
  3. To keep proper discipline on the school’s premises so that GCS is known as a school that respects others. 
  4. To maintain open and helpful communications with his/her students’ parents.
  5. To supervise student activities as assigned by administration.
  6. To be informed of educational trends and student learning styles, along with demonstrating in the classroom the commitment that each student will achieve success on a daily basis.
  7. To strive to hold students to the standard of helping them reach their God-given potential.
  8. To demonstrate through commitment as a team player positive interpersonal relationships with parents, students, and peers.
  9. To attend extracurricular activities.
  10. To use technology to support instruction.
  11. To encourage critical thinking skills through questioning strategies.
  12. To perform other duties as assigned by the principal.


Physical Requirements for the Job of Elementary Teacher: 

  • Must be able to stand, walk, talk and hear for 6-8 hours per day.  One must use hands to finger, handle or feel and reach with hands and/or arms for 2.5-6 hours per day. Must be able to sit, stoop, kneel, crouch and smell for less than 2.5 hours per day.  
  • Must be able lift 10 lbs. between 2.5-6 hours per day and occasionally lift or push with a cart, books or boxes of books that weigh between 10–25 lbs.  
  • One’s vision should include close, distant, color, and peripheral vision, depth perception and the ability to adjust focus.  
  • Must have stamina to work/teach students up to 8 hours per day, with few breaks.
Job Category: Teacher
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Gastonia

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