GCS Text Alerts SIGNUP instructions

Feb 20, 2020

GCS Families,

In an effort to improve communications between the school and our families, we continue to offer our text notification service called Hypernotice. This service will allow us to send instant text message notifications to you with alerts, closings, schedule changes and important updates. Hypernotice uses secure text notification services to send messages directly to your cell phone using only the information that you provide. To keep the system up-to-date, we ask you to signup under your student’s current school(s).

Simply text these 4 words:

EARLY CHILDHOOD FAMILIES – “JOIN GCSEC Your First & Last Name” (e.g. JOIN GCSEC John Doe) To this telephone number: (307) 463-4222

ELEMENTARY FAMILIES – “JOIN GCSELM Your First & Last Name” (e.g. JOIN GCSELM John Doe) To this telephone number: (442) 333-7444

MIDDLE SCHOOL FAMILIES – “JOIN GCSMS Your First & Last Name” (e.g. JOIN GCSMS John Doe) To this telephone number: (980) 272-2296

HIGH SCHOOL FAMILIES – “JOIN GCSHS Your First & Last Name” (e.g. JOIN GCSHS John Doe) To this telephone number: (754) 227-2221

Within seconds you should get a reply confirming you have joined the group. You’re all Done!



Early Childhood Office:
(704) 824-9893

Elementary School Office:
(704) 824-9011

Middle School Office:
(704) 349-5030

High School Office:
(704) 349-5020

Business Office:
(704) 349-5025
FAX (704) 349-5027

Admissions Office:
(704) 824-4128
FAX (704) 349-5027
Email: gcs@gastonchristian.org

Gaston Christian School
1625 Lowell Bethesda Rd. Gastonia, N.C.  28056