GCS Reopening Plan

Jul 14, 2020

Dear Gaston Christian School families and faculty members,

Each year we use a scripture verse to set the theme for the school year. After much prayer and consideration, we have chosen II Corinthians 1:3 as our theme. While we will not have the whole verse on shirts or banners, here is the summary. “Comfort: God comforts us so that we can comfort others with His comfort.” This year Gaston Christian School wants to provide an extra level of comfort to each of our families as we go through this readjustment period. Please know that we are here to love and support you, your children, and our wonderful teachers through these perilous times.

First, after much discussion and prayer we have chosen to postpone the Wednesday delayed arrival. At this time, we feel it is best to focus all of our attention on adapting to the challenges related to operating school in the midst of a pandemic. If we choose to implement this change for the 21-22 school year, we will let you know in January, 2021.

As you know, there are a myriad of considerations that we must take into account as we move forward for the 2020-21 school year. Your child’s health and safety is first and foremost our highest concern. Over the past few months we have been doing our research into what is the best way for Gaston Christian School to approach the next year. In a recent Philadelphia Inquirer article, here is what a noted leader in educational circles had to say, “It’s a lose-lose situation,” said Daniel A. Domenech, executive director of the American Association of School Administrators. “Superintendents know that whatever they do, people are going to be unhappy, kids and staff are going to get sick. It’s going to be an incredible year, unfortunately.” Furthermore the American Association of Pediatrics last week issued the following, “Remote learning is likely to result in severe learning loss and increased social isolation. Social isolation, in turn, can breed serious social, emotional, and health issues: child and adolescent physical or sexual abuse, substance abuse, depression, and suicidal ideation.” While we do not see these issues as being driving forces in our decision, we do need to recognize that there are many very negative aspects of long term distance learning. In fact, the leaders in the North Carolina Senate have called for all schools in North Carolina to open in August. In like fashion, numerous other states have mandated openings for their public schools throughout their state in the fall as well. In conversation with a leader in one of the large private schools in Charlotte, I was informed that they have almost all agreed to offer traditional school days to parents. Understanding that Charlotte has a much higher level of infections, it is reassuring that we are making a sound decision considering all of the various factors.

We, as administrators at Gaston Christian School, are trying to make the best possible decisions for our school. We offer a special “Thank You” to those who have expressed their support and have encouraged us with notes and prayers. We need it!!

Therefore, on August 13, 2020, we will open our school with a Modified Traditional School Day. Things will definitely be different. There will also be some options for Upper Elementary, Middle, and High School students who would prefer a streaming delivery to begin the school year. Below is our plan that we hope will give you our framework moving forward. That being said, we know that we will be updating our plan as we quickly approach the opening of school.

All of us at Gaston Christian School look forward to being together with you for the return of “on campus school” on August 13!

In His service,

Dr. Marc Stout, Head of School

Gaston Christian School



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