Dear GCS Parents, Students, and Faculty Members,

Over the past several years we have had a March Madness competition for faculty members. This year we are inviting each of you to join the fun. We will have four different groups: Parents, Students, Staff and Alumni. Participants will compete in the ESPN Challenge and the winner in each group will receive a $50.00 gift certificate. The overall winner will receive an additional $50.00 gift certificate as well.

With all of the stresses of life, we wanted to offer a  good way to engage is one of North Carolina’s favorite pastimes- college basketball. Deadline for your bracket is Thursday morning. Hope you enjoy the tournament!


Dr. Marc Stout 

Head of School


Below, please find link to ESPN site. Once there scroll down and search for your group listed below:

2019 Tournament Challenge

GCS Tourney Challenge 2019


Student – Group Name: GCSStudents2019

Password: romans12

Staff – Group Name: GCSStaff2019

Password: 3john4

Alumni & Parents – Group Name: GCSAlumni&Parents2019

Password: genesis1