NightLock Door Barricade

NightLock Door Barricade

Dear GCS Parents:

As you are aware, I am continually looking for ways to improve the safety and security of our campus.  I have found a door security product which makes it virtually impossible to enter the classrooms and offices during the unlikely event of an emergency situation on campus.  The product is called the NightLock Door Barricade Device. This device is simple to “activate” and, once in place, makes it extremely difficult to gain entry through the door.  Securing all of the doors on campus with this type of device buys time, which in turn allows First Responders to arrive to further mitigate the emergency.

We are asking for assistance in this project.  We need to secure a total of 185 doors on the campus at the cost of $100 dollars per door.  We would like to solicit donations from families to assist in this endeavor. It would literally only take 185 families donating the $100 to provide both the devices and installation. It is my hope we can have all of the devices in place by the time school starts back in August.  We have installed two of these devices in two classrooms in the Elementary building. Both devices were used during our recent Lock Down Drill and both teachers were pleased with the devices.

This device does meet all state and local fire codes and has a means to be opened from the outside if there would be a problem inside of a classroom.  I will ensure first responders are aware of the devices once the project is in progress.

I have attached a link to a short video which demonstrates the lock with an Officer trying to breach the door.  If you have any questions about the project or the device, please do not hesitate to contact me at

Night Lock Security System

In HS Service,

Mike Robinson, Director of Safety and Security

PinkOut Week and Photo

PinkOut Week and Photo

We hope you’re enjoying Spring Break and don’t forget next week is PinkOut week. #blessed #pinkout #bcrf

If the weather cooperates, on Friday, April 13 (PinkOut Day) at 9:30 AM we would like everyone to wear their PINK and gather on the soccer field for a WHOLE SCHOOL PHOTO. Parents and family are invited to wear their PINK and participate in the photo!