One of the goals for the science fair is to encourage students to develop and apply creativity, skill, and logical thinking to the solutions of science, engineering, and mathematical problems. However, our primary goal is to encourage students to increase knowledge, interest, and understanding of God’s universe and all of His creation. The judges made very difficult decisions and the winners were …

1st place – Solar Oven – Katie Walker
2nd place – Do not smoke – Carson Hill
3rd place – Nuclear Energy – Gordon Dubisky

1st place – Essential oils v. household cleaners – Kendall Martin
2nd place – Germ Factory – Olivia Reed
3rd place – Child safety caps – Sophie Townsend

1st place – Peanut allergy – Adam Hoyle
2nd place – Snooze and Simple Motors – Dakota Hawxwell and Jack Hyland
3rd place – Happy Meal – Ben Tugwell