Thirty middle school students were inducted into the Junior Beta Club on Thursday, March 15. Congratulations to these students on their academic achievement!  Junior Beta Club officers, Jack Hyland, Emma Still, Patrick Hullett, and Lacie Grubbs provided excellent leadership during the year and led the club in many service projects.  During the ceremony, Jack, Patrick, Lacie, Ben Tugwell shared speeches highlighting the four principles of Junior Beta:  Achievement, Character, Leadership, and Service.

1st row:  Cadence Ackerson, Garrett Joy, Ayden Main, Kasey Wang, Zac Woodling, Christa Berry,  Zach Cochran.  2nd row:  Jack Dellinger, Cole Dickerson, Garrison Fisher, Emma Ghorley, Christian Glaze, Chase Hawkins, Jacob Hogan.  3rd row: Riley Jessup, Connor Joyce, Makenzie Karr, Jake Kerber, Liana Mattera, Maddy McKinley.  4th row: Kaden McKoy, Anna Vella Ramsey, Evan Reid, Jackson Roberts, Oakleigh Shields, Preston Shuford. 5th row: Chase Stewart, Savion Taylor, Nick Welfare.