School Closed

School Closed

Due to the inclement weather forecast, Gaston Christian School will be CLOSED Wednesday, Jan. 17.

2018 Valentine’s Day Order Forms

2018 Valentine’s Day Order Forms

Valentine’s Day Spirit Club Fundraiser

The GCS Spirit Club is pre-selling Valentine candy bags. Orders will be delivered on Wednesday, February 14th.

Order forms with payments are due no later than Wednesday, February 7 ~ this is a firm deadline. Make checks payable to GCS.

Please return the order form with cash or check to your School’s Office. Please include the recipient’s teacher and grade on the gift tag.

Early Childhood Valentine 2018 Order Form

Elementary School Valentine 2018 Order Form

Middle School Valentine 2018 Order Form

High School Valentine 2018 Order Form

2018 Homecoming Queen

2018 Homecoming Queen

Congratulations to Miss Payton Prince who was crowned GCS 2018 Homecoming Queen on Friday evening.
Pictured:  Katy-Barnes Forbes, Olivia Haven, Lily Chapman, Payton Prince, Jordan Putnam, Hailey Turner, Maggie Lee and Andie Ervay (2017 GCS Homecoming Queen).
Inclement Weather Protocol

Inclement Weather Protocol

The recent episode of bad weather has caused us to review our current practices for announcing a school closing. I would like to share a little background and then clarify our protocol.

First, please know that the safety of our students, parents, student drivers, and faculty is always paramount in our decision-making process. We do not want anyone to put themselves, or their children, in harm’s way to come to school. If we choose to have school and you live in an outlying area, please do not hesitate in making a decision that is best for your circumstance. Also, if you feel it is best to have your student driver delay arrival by an hour or two, that is entirely your decision to make.

That being said, we also need to recognize that our county school friends have a whole different set of issues that go into their decision-making process. I had lunch with Jeff Booker, Superintendent of Gaston County Schools, recently, and we discussed some of these concerns. First, Gaston Christian School does not have bus transportation like Gaston County Schools or Gaston Day School. Therefore, we do not have to factor children standing out in single digit temperatures waiting for their bus. Furthermore, Gaston County School buses are integrated so that you cannot cancel one school or area without affecting many other schools. Hence, bad weather in Cherryville or Stanley may have an effect on the whole system. Sometimes these buses (diesel) will not start in cold weather. Mr. Booker has said he has a large number of buses with this problem.

When making our decision about the school closing, we also have to factor the parents who are depending upon us to be open. If we close, some have difficulties finding child care, paying for the care, and the logistics of this activity.

When we have inclement weather, we try to get out in front of the decision and begin planning. Whenever possible, we try to make the decision the night prior to the closing. However, that is not always possible. My goal is to have a decision by 10:00 PM the prior evening or by 6:00 AM the following morning (if there were too many unknown issues).

Dr. Richard Rankin, Head of Gaston Day School, and I talk quite a bit during these times. We have had 4:30 AM discussions about the NCDOT’s weather advisory, county school decisions in the surrounding area, and other relevant information. Furthermore, we are also in communication with our Director of Security Mike Robinson who is in contact with Gaston County Police on the status of roads throughout the county. There are many factors that go into our decision-making process.

Once the decision is made, I call Randy Erwin, Communications Director for Gaston Christian School, and inform him of the decision. Mr. Erwin then sends out a text alert and email and also posts the information on the GCS website, all GCS social media and local TV station weather closings/delays lists (WBTV, WSOC, WCNC, News14 and Fox46).

While we get as much input as possible, I understand that any decision about school closing will make some of you very happy, and some of you might strongly disagree. Many of you may have a very different set of circumstances from another large group of parents here at GCS. My responsibility is to make the best decision with the information that I have for the specific situation. Sometimes I feel that I need the wisdom of Solomon to make the right call. Over the years I have made the decision to close school and the weather shifted and it was a beautiful day. On other occasions, we have had school and it was questionable whether that was the best decision.

Please understand that I will err on the side of caution. If we must make a difficult decision, we will do so. If you disagree, you are free to keep your children home or bring them in at a later time.

Finally, please pray for me in these times. I want to make the best decision for the school and appreciate your prayers for wisdom to make those decisions.

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Homecoming PARADE UPDATED 1/15

Homecoming PARADE UPDATED 1/15

We were hoping for cooperative parade weather on Wednesday; however, the forecast does not show that likelihood as of today.  We may escape the snow, but the morning will still be bitterly cold.  Friday’s forecast looks much more favorable; Kevin, Mike R., and I determined this morning that the best direction is to reschedule the parade for FRIDAY, JAN. 19.
ON FRIDAY (1/19) students will have breakfast at 9:45 (provided by the PTF) with the parade beginning at 10:15. Any parents involved with driving in the parade should be on campus by 9:45.   We will run a full-day schedule next Wednesday with students returning to class after the parade.
I apologize for any disruption to testing. Club pictures were on the calendar for that morning, so we will need to reschedule that event as well.
As always, thank you for your flexibility. If you have any questions, please contact the high school office.
Committing to building Kingdom leaders

Committing to building Kingdom leaders

Gaston Christian School is committed to raising up the next generation of Kingdom leaders in the world. Dr. Stout has an important message for parents of rising juniors and seniors. Please take 2 minutes to watch this video message about an incredible spiritual development opportunity your child could be a part of this summer.

Applications for the Summit Ministries summer conference can be obtained from Mr. Mark Moore. The deadline for applying is this coming Friday, January 12. If you have questions after you watch the video please contact Mr. Moore by email at or by text at 704.813.7494.

Click this link for video



  • Kristina Vaher

A high school student has launched a project to help boost literacy for young students in Gaston County.

Back in May, Kristina Vaher, an 11th-grader at Gaston Christian School, read an article in The Gaston Gazette that highlighted several glaring issues with children’s literacy rates. She learned that about half the county’s public school third-graders fail to read at grade-level, and that summer learning loss is a contributing factor.

The article highlighted a collaborative effort spearheaded by The Gaston Gazette, The Gaston County Public Library system, the Early Literacy Collaborative and other community partners to improve children’s literacy rates.

“I was shocked,” said Vaher, an avid reader since an early age, who often visited the library with her mom to catch up on summer reading as a child. “But most kids, their parents are working throughout the summer and so they don’t have the chance to go to a summer reading program.”

For the rest of the article click here…