Initiatives from Past Strategic Plans (several are still ongoing)

Initiative # 1

To see every student know Jesus Christ as personal Savior and then grow in His likeness.

Initiative # 2

To integrate spiritual truths to a greater degree in the curricula.

Initiative # 3

To provide academic programs that challenge and support each individual student.

Initiative # 4

To instill in every student a love for learning.

Initiative # 5

To instill an understanding of the importance of technology.

Initiative # 6

To encourage a strong sense of patriotism and spirit of community.

Initiative # 7

To design, build, and maintain the new Lowell campus.

Initiative # 8

To promote GCS through a progressive Advancement Office.

Initiative # 9

To provide extra-curricular programs that allow each student to discover and develop his/her individual gifts.

Initiative # 10

To hire and develop faculty and staff who are committed to professional advancement.

Initiative # 11

To maintain fiscal integrity and stability.

Initiative # 12

To maintain consistency of mission and vision through the Board of Trustees.